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We Can Help You To Grow Your Brand on Google Search Engine at Competitive Prices

From just RM399 set-up & RM499 per month ongoing

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users. Google Ads allows you to get traffic instantly, unlike SEO, where the results are only seen after 3 to 9 months.

Do to the complex nature of this platform, many businesses hire a marketing agency that specializes in pay per click to help them with their advertising.

Are you still searching for a Google Ads agency that is efficient, responds to your inquiries promptly, and gets results each and every month?

Many marketing agencies out there that offer cheap pay per click packages to get you listed on the search engine, are able to do so by cutting corners. That means below satisfactory service. They charge you even though no work is done on your Google ads account at all in a month. It is very hard to get in touch with them. Your emails and phone inquiries are not replied for weeks, or worse, no reply at all and they never send you a reports.

Does that story sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be. At Clarini Online Marketing Sdn Bhd, we have honed and refined an operation that flips that status quo on it’s head.

Get your Free Google Ads Proposal now and we’ll show you digital marketing competitor insights, campaign improvement tips & pricing customized to your search engine marketing (SEM) goals.

Clarini Online Marketing Sdn Bhd is a transparent and refreshingly different Google Ads agency.
Lis Rosiva Merrylin
Business Development Manager with FXPRIMUS

Services That We Offer

Specifically tailored for small & medium businesses

Full Service Google Ads Management

Full Service Google Ads Management

Search, display, remarketing & more, we have the experience and proven track record to take your PPC campaigns to the next level of profitability.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns

Shopping feed optimization and configuration, advanced bidding strategies, campaign restructuring and more.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Unique and creative landing page and web design that help your ad campaign convert more traffic. Complete with super fast hosting.

In House Google Ads Training

In House Google Ads Training

Bring the experts at Clarini Online Marketing Sdn Bhd to your company to conduct one or two day training seminars on a variety of topics like Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Get a Free Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Proposal now & we'll show you competitor insights, campaign improvement tips & pricing customised to your business and goals.


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Common questions we get from our clients about our Google Ads services

Unlike other PPC agencies, we don’t limit our service. When you subscribe to Clarini Online Marketing Sdn Bhd, your digital marketing campaign will benefit from the full buffet of our PPC management services. We’ll use the tactic or channel most likely to deliver you more leads, including Google Search, Remarketing, Display Advertising, YouTube Video Ads, Conversion Optimisation, Landing Pages, Google Shopping and more.
For the majority of our customers (75% plus) the standard Google Ads management pricing is RM499 per month. This package is enough to cover the needs for the vast majority of businesses we deal with. In some special cases, customers may be required to subscribe to a slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive package. This will be made very clear in the Free Proposal after we have analysed your business, your goals and your competition.
Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. You get a monthly report at the start of every month as well as a mid month update and a weekly topline stats update. You have full access to your Google Ads (AdWords) account at all times so you can see exactly what is done to the account. We also will go above and beyond to help with recommendations that will help improve your results, such as tips and advice on your web design, conversion rate, copywriting and more
A question we get asked a lot is are Google ads worth the money? Should I invest in this or focus more on social media? And this really depends on a few things. Firstly, is the product or service you’re selling valuable enough. If you’re a home builder then a new client is worth hundreds of thousands. If you’re a business that does one time beauty product they might be worth RM100. The builder has a lot more margin to work with to advertise on AdWords and win the customer than the beauty product business. Secondly, it depends on how competitive your industry is and how aggressively you have to bid on AdWords for your ads to show. Other variables that play a massive part are how good your sales team is at turning a lead into a real customer. A dentist that closes 75% of it’s leads is going to do a lot better with AdWords than a dentist that only closes 20% of their leads. So, are Google Ads worth the money? In our experience… yes! In fact they can be really worth the money (and lead to massive growth). Just so long as the campaign is properly run and that you know your numbers, AdWords will likely be one of your most profitable advertising channels.

Get a Free Proposal now & we'll show you competitor insights, campaign improvement tips & pricing customised to your business and goals.

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