2020: The Year of Coronavirus, Recession & Mass Unemployment

Is the year 2020 that bad?

Yes it is, for most people. However, for a small minority, all this chaos and uncertainty provides an opportunity to re-position, re-strategise, and reset.

The Coronavirus plague has come as a shock to many of us. Most of us are quite aware of what has happened in China and Italy recently. The Coronavirus has spread so rapidly and it has infected a huge number of people, causing a lot of deaths and as of today, causing the near collapse of the Italian healthcare system.

This plague has not shown any signs of stopping.

I am actually quite worried right now because as I am writing this article, around 900++ people in Malaysia has been infected by the virus, two have died. The government has imposed partial quarantine. Everyone needs to stay at home, except for those working in essential industries.

I am fortunate because I can work anywhere as long as I have my laptop and an Internet connection.

Even before the partial quarantine was imposed, I have already instructed my employees to stop going to the office and work from home. For us, this is just business as usual.

We are fortunate. We run our business on the Internet and we serve a global audience.

Many are not so lucky. Most businesses are dependent on how the local consumer spends. Many local tourist operators are dependent on China for a steady flow of business. Companies that bet their entire livelihood on selling Made in China goods to Malaysians are not having a good time.

The Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and businesses in Malaysia are forced to shut down till 31st March 2020. It is for the greater good, I suppose.

I just know one thing: Life as we know it will change forever. According to this article, we’re not going back to normal. Never again. We are in for a crazy ride.

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