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Our SEO agency can help your business to rank 1st page on Google search engine for search terms that bring in traffic. By adopting the latest best practices in SEO and using industry recognized SEO tools, our in-house SEO experts along with our dedicated content team are able to produce results for our clients that will help them grow their business.

We are a fully white-hat SEO agency. Even when competing with the best SEO practitioners in Malaysia, we strive to keep things clean. We don’t practice dodgy link building SEO strategy and we don’t cut corners.

Our SEO Process

Website SEO Audit

At the start of each SEO campaign, we will conduct a detailed review of every page of your website to identify technical and content related issues. Our goal is to prepare your website for search engines to easily crawl your many pages.

  • Identify technical SEO issue

  • 404 pages, Redirect Chains, Error Pages

  • Thin content pages

  • Broken canonical tags

  • 28-point technical SEO checklist

Keyword Research

During this phase, we identify existing keyword opportunities for your website by evaluating keywords that your website is currently ranking for and those of your top competitors. Our goal is to create a keyword research plan for your existing pages.

  • Check existing ranking

  • Identify 2-3 competitors and their rankings 

  • Perform competitor content gap analysis 

  • Research additional keywords

  • Map keywords to pages

On Page SEO

For on page SEO, we optimize the content on your web page for search engines and users based on data obtained during the SEO audit and keyword research phase.

  • Resolve on page technical SEO issues 

  • Optimize content across every page

  • Analyze current on page SEO elements 

  • Recommend changes based on keyword research

  • Update and improve internal links

Off Page SEO

Our dedicated content team and SEO experts will create opportunities for website growth by helping your company build links (earned media) with trusted experts in your industry.

  • Remove toxic links (if needed)

  • Analyze existing backlinks

  • Compare competitors backlinks

  • Plan a new link building strategy

  • Implement strategy (ongoing)

1 Second = 60,000++ Searches

Be found where it matters most. Our highly trained search engine optimization experts carefully research the right keywords for your business, ensuring you are gaining qualified traffic that converts to your bottom line.









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